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Album Review: A New Horizon - Special Edition
Jose Luis Serrano Esteban
Cover image of the album A New Horizon - Special Edition by Jose Luis Serrano Esteban
A New Horizon - Special Edition
Jose Luis Serrano Esteban
2011 / Jose Luis Serrano Esteban
61 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A New Horizon - Special Edition is the re-release of the 2009 album by Jose Luis Serrano Esteban with the addition of two new bonus tracks. Jose Luis combines his skills and training as a versatile musician (guitar, keyboards, drum and rhythm programming) and as an electronics expert (music production, engineering, studio electronics, broadcasting, sound installations, etc.) to create music that is both beautiful and beautifully recorded. Jose Luis has performed in rock, pop, blues, and folk bands and has also recorded in those genres as a guest artist. A New Horizon - Special Edition is his third release under his own name, and features guest artists on a variety of acoustic instruments that include clarinet, violin, piano, flute, guitar, and bass. Jose Luis performs on Spanish classical guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, synthesizers, and percussion. The sixteen original compositions are varied in style, but all carry a warm invitation to find beauty and peace in the music.

A New Horizon begins with “Carmen (The Victory of Life),” a lovely and loving guitar piece composed for Jose Luis’ little daughter (who “sings” in a couple of places) - a charming start! “Coming to Life” features Jose Luis on acoustic and electric guitars as well as atmospheric keyboard sounds that create a lush backdrop for the more melodic guitars. The piece begins quietly and evolves into a glorious anthem. “Planet Earth” shows a bit of Jose Luis’ rock experience with impressive electric guitar playing over synth accompaniment. Soulful and elegant, it’s a moving tribute to our planet. “The Start of A New Day” features Nuria Felix on violin with light hand percussion and synth back-up. The second half of the piece becomes a lyrical duet for violin and guitar. “Solar” is one of my favorites, and reminds me of some of the great prog rock of not too long ago. The electric guitar lead is melodic with a touch of mystery while the background is dark and suggests deep space. “Moon” is an ambient guitar solo that soothes with its cool and gentle meandering. “Spring Has Arrived” is a lighthearted dance of joy with guitars and violin suggesting fresh beginnings and soft pastel colors. “Further Than The Milky Way” is my favorite track. The bittersweet melody has a heartfelt passion while the slow-dance rhythm gives it a gentle, sultry sway - love it! “Nearly Touching A Dream” is one of the two new tracks. Acoustic violin, flute and double bass join the guitar as well as synth strings and keyboard in a graceful flight of fancy. “Vida (Life)” is the other new piece - a delicate celebration of life with violin and guitars and synth in the background. It promises more great new music coming from Jose Luis Serrano Esteban in the future.

If you are like me and missed the original version of A New Horizon, check this one out - especially if you like electric guitar as well as acoustic instruments. It is available from jlsemusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
January 16, 2012