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Album Review: Walking to You
Rachel Currea
Cover image of the album Walking to You by Rachel Currea
Walking to You
Rachel Currea
2015 / Rachel Currea Music, Inc.
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I reviewed (and LOVED) pianist/composer/conductor/collaborator Rachel Currea’s debut solo piano album, Innersound, back in 2007 and haven’t heard too much about her since. That made it even sweeter to learn that she has a new album of original piano solos called Walking to You. A Miami-based concert pianist and composer, Currea actively performs locally and abroad. She began composing when she was nineteen as a way to relax. Shortly after she composed her first few pieces, she suffered head trauma in a serious auto accident. For the next ten years, Currea found it nearly impossible to compose, but continued to perform and teach piano. She rediscovered her composing abilities and talents while learning the art of meditation. Walking to You is a “sound diary of impressions withIN, with family, and with Spirit. It pays homage to the love, delight, and transformative times experienced during this journey. Every step takes me closer to You.” (quoted from the album’s liner notes) The sixteen tracks on Walking to You are graceful, gorgeous, and soulful, displaying Currea’s exceptional piano touch and expressive playing. It is very likely that this will be one of my Favorite albums of the year!

Walking to You begins with the title track, a very warm and optimistic piece that expresses hope as well as contentment - a beautiful start! “Song Without Words” has a simple melody composed in a lyrical classical style with contemporary sensibilities - graceful and heartfelt. “Abundance of the Heart” is freer and more ambient - possibly an improvisation. “Evening Joys” is one of those pieces you wish you could wrap yourself in - warm, relaxed, and soothing - almost a lullaby. “Reconciliations” expresses the wide range of emotions experienced when trying to “make up” with someone - tentative and delicate, apologetic, passionate, joyful, etc. Love it! “Hear Me Now” is one of the more intense pieces in the collection. Sometimes very peaceful and flowing, sometimes dark and turbulent, it’s another favorite. “It’ll Be Ok” is a gentle waltz that encourages and reassures. “Once Upon a Time” is a fairy tale that needs no words to tell its colorful story. Currea’s expressive playing is stunning! “The Crossing” is perfect in its brevity - covering lots of musical territory in just 1 1/2 minutes. I love “Waltz in E Minor,” a lively, bittersweet dance that overflows with passion. “Celestial Dreams” is played mostly in the upper registers of the piano, evoking images of twinkling stars, wispy clouds, and floating effortlessly among them. Yep, another favorite! “Hymn to the Holy Spirit” closes the album with the solo piano version of this beautiful and uplifting original hymn.

Walking to You is a must if you love graceful, impeccably played solo piano music. I truly hope it won’t be another eight years between albums! Walking to You is available from www.rachelcurrea.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
August 25, 2015
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