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Gary Stroutsos
Native Flute Concert
July 1, 2018
$20 suggested at the door
For reservations, email Kathy Parsons at kathypiano@gmail.com
World and Native American flutist Gary Stroutsos returns to perform in Kathy Parsons’ House Concert Series on Saturday June 30th at 7:00 PM and Sunday July 1st at 2:00 PM in Sandpines West (Florence, OR). The concert will benefit The Ongtupqa Project, a CD, DVD and digital download project sharing Hopi cultural connections to the Grand Canyon, with music and video recorded in Grand Canyon National Park. Originally trained as a jazz flutist, Stroutsos is acknowledged to have made a significant contribution to the preservation of Native American music and culture. A Greek-Italian-American who was born and raised in Vermont (now residing in Seattle), Stroutsos has had the rare opportunity to spend time with indigenous cultures in several communities of North America, where he learned to play the Native American flute. He will also be sharing time-honored stories from his long association with the American Indian people.

Gary will be performing on replicas of Southwest desert rim flutes that were discovered by Earl Morris in 1931 inside Broken Flute Cave in the Prayer Rock District in northern Arizona. The flutes date back to AD 620-670, making them the oldest known wooden flutes in North America. The Hopi Tribe, which still maintains a ceremonial Flute Clan, believes these are ancient Hopi long flutes. Gary’s replicas were made by master flute builder Michael Allen, who took precise measurements from the originals in the Arizona State Museum.

In a career spanning more than 35 years, Stroutsos has brought his unique music and stories to audiences throughout North America as well as in Japan and Korea. His work includes internationally-acclaimed recordings at sacred sites using the unique acoustics and history of each space as the starting point for a deep musical exploration. His music can be heard on the soundtrack of Ken Burns’ PBS documentary, Lewis and Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, which led to a command performance at the White House for President Bill Clinton in 1997. He also composed and performed the music for Desert Dreams: Five Seasons In The Sonoran Desert which airs nationally on PBS.

Reservations are required and the address and directions will be furnished at the time reservations are made. Call Kathy at (541)999-9720 or email her at kathypiano@gmail.com to reserve your seats.