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Album Review: Solo Piano Songs of Peace
Enlightened Piano Radio
Cover image of the album Solo Piano Songs of Peace by Enlightened Piano Radio
Solo Piano Songs of Peace
Enlightened Piano Radio
2016 / Enlightened Piano Radio
64 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Songs of Peace is the first compilation album released by Enlightened Piano Radio. Sixteen pianist/composers are represented by original pieces of music with the common theme of peace, a word with many definitions and interpretations. (Twelve of these artists have Artist Pages here on MainlyPiano.com.) Fifteen pieces are solo piano and one is a duet for piano and violin.

Enlightened Piano Radio is a co-op of pianists whose music is played on the internet radio station bearing the same name. About 140 artists are included in the group, which was founded by Donovan Johnson. Currently, Solo Piano Songs of Peace is available only from the individual artists who include M. Quintana Camara, Attila Gibson, Rebecca Harrold, Judson Hurd, Aaron Barber, Tim Neumark, Richard Carr, Darla Bower, Louis Colaiannia, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson, Louis Landon, Elise Lebec, John Paris, Zachary Bruno, and Timothy Cooper.

Music about peace can often be used for lullabies or meditation music, but this album has a nice variety of composing styles and performances. Most of the pieces are on the quiet side, but a few are more fervent and emotionally powerful. Combining the music of so many artists can result in a hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated selections, but Solo Piano Songs of Peace flows very well as a whole and has no startling changes from piece to piece, creating a calming yet inspiring hour of music. A few tracks were recorded on digital pianos that sound tinny compared to the bigger acoustic grands. Not everyone can tell the difference, but those who can might find this to be a bit of a distraction.

It’s difficult to choose favorites on this album, as each artist has something different to say about the common subject of peace. With that in mind, I’ll just say to check it out to discover some new artists you might want to explore and to revisit some artists you already know and love. Compilations can be great samplers, and this one is in that category!

I will update the availability of the album as it appears on additional websites. For now, you can check with the artists who are on the album to find where you can buy it.
December 7, 2016