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Songbook Review: Roots
Laurie Z.
Cover image of the songbook Roots by Laurie Z.
Laurie Z.
1999 / Zebra Productions
121 pages / 15 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
The companion songbook to Laurie Z.’s acclaimed 1997 solo piano CD, Roots, now includes a copy of the CD! The book contains all fourteen tracks from the Roots album plus a “bonus” song from Life Between the Lines, “My Perfect Love.” Transcribed by Music Professor and Hollywood film composer Penka Kouneva and edited by Kathy Parsons several years before Laurie Z.’s untimely passing, this is a wonderful collection of some of Laurie’s most beautiful music. Some of the pieces are rather difficult, but several are suitable for upper-intermediate and early-advanced players. A joy for all pianists!
May 20, 2008