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2016 Holiday Wishes List
As usual, our 2016 list of Holiday Wishes is as varied as the people who participated. I asked many of the musicians, composers, and fellow reviewers I know as well as some of my piano students what their two biggest holiday wishes are. I asked for holiday wishes so everyone who wanted to participate would feel welcome. I asked for wishes because then the sky is the limit - wishes can be anything! And I asked for two wishes because it just seems to make it more interesting. Not surprisingly, quite a few of the wishes are of a political nature, but I did not edit any of them. I will be adding more wishes as they come in, so check back again and see what’s new. Enjoy! These wishes are listed roughly in the order I received them.
Tim Neumark: I wish that social media users would focus on their own lives: pictures of pets and children, along with updates about real life, are much more interesting than geopolitical commentary or hate-filled rants. & I wish schools would stop eliminating music programs, arts programs, and physical education.
Donovan Johnson: My thoughts are with all of the underprivileged little children this holiday season.  Those who have diseases, negligent parents, poor economic circumstances, and other special challenges; May they find an unlimited supply of peace, hope, and comfort this holiday season.
Paul Adams: 1. Growth and understanding in our political system & 2. Everyone exercise a five minute break before any action of decisions
Doug Hammer: 1. Love 2. Repeat
Gary Girouard: Wish 1: At the next Super Bowl or major sporting event: the crowd erupts into a chorus singing “What the World Needs Now” (Burt Bacharach). & Wish 2: If I can’t have Wish #1, at the next major gathering, everyone holds hands and sings “We are the World.”
Michael Brant DeMaria: To continue to receive healing visitations from my mother who passed away in my dreams and for a more sustainable, ecologically sound and compassionate transformation in human civilization.
Robin Meloy Goldsby: 1. A glimmer of hope for women, African Americans, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, and all of our brothers and sisters affected by the disastrous results of the recent election. 2. Strength for all pianists who compose music to heal wounds. The world needs us now, more than ever.
Jeff Bjorck: I wish for an end to war and hate and for love strong enough to extend kindness to enemies. & In the wake of our spiteful election I wish for a transformation of our three-branch government, whereby love and justice will miraculously conquer fear and bigotry.
Bill Leslie: I wish that everyone will make time to walk in the woods and reconnect with nature on a regular basis because it is good for your health – both mentally and physically. I also wish that wonderful new songs will fall from the heavens and find their way to our hearts and ears.
RJ Lannan: I wish that no family goes hungry. I wish that you have your God's grace in whatever form it would benefit you.
Joseph Akins: I wish for happiness and kindness for everyone every day.
Gary Schmidt: That U.S. elections candidates be only allowed to campaign for two months, and all ads should only be about their own positive stuff and what they propose for the good of the country rather than attack or belittle their opponent.
Matthew Mayer: For all people to experience moments of "true peace" in their hearts, and all children to believe their dreams can come true.
Michael Debbage: I think these were on my wish list last year and as neither one have been met they remain the same. A cure for Alzheimer- Dementia and a chance to meet and interview David Foster.
Vicente Avella: I’d ask Santa for 30 hour days! …and to have Panettone all year around :) 
Sang Le: 1) The end/collapses of all central banks around the world.  Like the Federal Reserve, which is nothing federal about it but a private bank that has no reserve but had tricked Congress to give it the power to print money and made the dollars into debts since 1913.  Once these these entities, which collaborate under one "master," collapse, world peace will happen, world hunger will end, the worth of labor is restored, etc.  Until then, these entities manipulate and control the world economically and financially. 2) A working health care system that is not manipulated by numbers, e.g., high deductibles, high co-pays, etc., that are "nicely" covered by a blanket of false or limited coverages via the confusing verbiage.
Craig Urquhart: 1:  I wish for all citizens of this planet come together and manifest the beauty of coexistence in a peaceful and loving manner. 2: I wish that our politicians would acknowledge the true problems facing the world  - for example: climate change - and work to further the progress made not undo it.
Kori Linae Carothers: I wish for everyone to be happy, healthy, filled with peace. I also wish for all to be successful in everything they do!
Bernward Koch: 1. Wisdom (see always the silver lining) 2. Peace (for the world and any man)
Kathryn Kaye: For all humanity, I wish for enduring peace, compassion, wisdom, hope, and courage.
Fiona Joy: My wish is for world wide political stability.  It seems that wishing for Peace is like believing in fairytales  - so we need to start with something more grass roots and work up to peace as a goal.  Good leadership and decision-making at the highest level is critical but sadly, on a quick scan of our leaders around the word, we are very lacking.  I'll throw a magic wand wave towards improving the standards of our political leaders so we have a chance at establishing world-wide stability and move one step closer to the goal of world peace. 
Wayne Gratz: Fresh new compositions, not to worry about growing old, and better heath to all those who are hurting.
Lisa Hilton: My Holiday Wish has always been to play better, but I feel like I should come up with something new!  This year I have the opposite of a Holiday wish - it’s extreme gratitude for being able to play the piano the way I can, and that it still gives me deep - seated joy almost every day.  For many  years I only wanted to improve.  Today I am thankful for that ability to continually improve and how much fun it is!
Amy Padilla: 1. That we all may live in peace - within and among ourselves. 2. That we spend less time judging and more time loving!
Suzanne Ciani: I wish for faith in the goodness of human beings.
I wish for health and happiness for me, my family, and our global human and animal family.
Bob Fieg: 1) As a nation we find a way to tear down some walls, not build new ones. & 2) That everyone be given the gift of music, starting with more emphasis in our schools.
Kathy Parsons: That everyone could feel loved, respected, accepted, and loved. I truly believe that would solve all of the problems in the world. & That the arts and creative thinking would become a priority in the schools.
Ann Licater: May the peace of this season resound throughout the world through loving intentions, kind gestures and beautiful music.
Philip Wesley: I wish for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
David Clavijo: Wish #1: I want a world where people live together in peace and harmony, that we have no reason to fight among ourselves, I want the human being not to be selfish, to help others and respect other people's religions. Let's live by feeding love and not hate. & Wish #2: I want a world that respects the environment, our planet is our home.
Jsolco (Johan Bakker): The encounter with that one fan, that moment, grateful and emotional, is worth more than 1000 likes. I wish everyone real 'fans' !
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