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Do you need help perfecting your piano sheet music?
Kathy Parsons has been proofreading original sheet music for composers and arrangers since 1998. She has been a private piano teacher since 1981 and is an excellent sight-reader. Her experience as a teacher gives her insight into what will confuse a pianist or cause him or her to stumble, and she can suggest alternate notations, fingerings, and phrasings as well as catching mistakes. Her reasonable rates and quick turnaround time can get your sheet music online or ready for publication quickly and efficiently.
How it works:
When you send Kathy your scores, she will play through them a minimum of three times at her piano to find obvious errors and things that don’t sound right. She will then go through the sheets with the CD or MP3 files at least three more times, proofing to the recording. She will email you her findings, measure by measure. You can then make the corrections as you see fit, and email the revised sheets for final proofing.
The fee for this service is $25 per hour. Unless pieces are very lengthy or difficult, most can be proofed in about an hour. Please email Kathy at kathypiano@gmail.com for more information. References will be furnished upon request.