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To make this site easier to navigate, albums have been "tagged" with attributes to make them easier to find. These tags help you find things like award winners, debut albums, latest reviews, holiday albums, and more! Browse the tag list or start typing to find something specific. For our lists of annual favorites, see List of Favorites.
Ageless Favorites
Some of our all-time favorites!
Albums that are primarily performed in a blues style.
Debut Albums
Each album in this list is the debut album for the artist! Take a stroll down memory lane and see where each artist started.
Grammy Nominees
These albums were nominated for Grammy awards. (Grammy Winners are also included in this list.)
Grammy Winners
These albums won Grammy awards.
Guitar music
These albums are "mainly guitar", and not "MainlyPiano"!
Holiday Albums
These albums primarily include traditional Christmas and holiday music.
Holiday Albums: 2015
New holiday albums released in 2015.
Holiday Albums: 2016
New holiday album reviews for 2016 (most are new releases for the year, but not all).
Holiday Albums: 2017
New holiday album reviews for 2017
Holiday Songbooks
This tag is for songbooks that contain holiday music.
Hymn Arrangements
These albums primarily include arrangements of traditional (non-holiday) hymns.
Albums that are primarily performed in a Jazz style.
Kathy's Albums of the Year
Some years, one album has just a little something more than the others. These are the best of the best!
Kathy's Picks
Albums that are special recordings. Annual Favorites are always chosen from this list.
Kathy's Songs of the Year
Occasionally one song will come around that Kathy just loves!
Latest Reviews
These are the most recent reviews!
Michael's Albums of the Year
Michael's annual favorites typically are ranked; this list includes all the #1 albums from those lists.
Michael's Picks
Albums that are special recordings. Annual Favorites are always chosen from this list.
Other Solo Instruments
Albums with this tag are mostly solo instrumental, but with neither piano nor guitar as that solo instrument.
Single Release
Single track releases.
Whisperings Album of the Year
These albums were named Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.