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Book Review (paperback): Essential Chakra Meditation
April Pfender
Cover image of the product Essential Chakra Meditation by April Pfender
Essential Chakra Meditation
April Pfender
2019 / Althea Press
Awaken Your Healing Power with Meditation and Visualization.
Review by Kathy Parsons
I have been looking at different ways to lower my blood pressure without medication, so when the opportunity to review Essential Chakra Meditation arose, I decided it was a great chance to educate myself - and it was! I had a very basic understanding of the chakras before I read the book, but the book provides a lot of details about how they work and how to clear them as well as their corresponding colors, chants, locations in the body, crystals and essential oils. The book is divided into two main sections: “Awakening Your Healing Power” and “Chakra Meditation in Action.” The first section is mostly an introduction that explains the various concepts explored in the book: the chakra and meditation connection, identifying which chakras to heal and how to get started with meditation itself. Part 2 goes through the seven chakras, one chapter for each. Each of those chapters begins with an explanation of the chakra, where it is, what it controls, its element, the corresponding mantras, Sanskrit mantras, and mudras. After that, there is a 5-minute, a 15-minute and a 30-minute meditation for each chakra. Each chapter is color-coded with the color for that chakra and there are simple but helpful illustrations of each of the mudras (ancient traditional hand positions). I really like the colorful layout of the book and the friendly, knowledgeable writing style of the author, April Pfender, who is a Reiki master teacher and a meditation instructor as well as the founder of Santa Monica Healing. The book is very user-friendly and a great way to learn about healing yourself through guided meditations.

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August 21, 2019