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Book Review: Freak Like Me
Catherine D. McWilliams & Stu Suchit
Cover image of the product Freak Like Me by Catherine D. McWilliams & Stu Suchit
Freak Like Me
Catherine D. McWilliams & Stu Suchit
2009 / Karmadreams Press
24 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Freak Like Me is a picture book for all ages, and is subtitled Poems From Under the Bed. Catherine D. McWilliams’ short poems can be read very quickly, but her words and Stu Suchit’s lavish illustrations invite exploration and interpretation. Even with the list of symbols at the back of the book, the meaning of the words and pictures is not readily apparent. Are they romantic? Do they have religious or spiritual significance? My guess is that it’s up to the individual reader to decide, and it would be fun to share interpretations with others who have also experienced this lovely book. Hardbound and printed on very heavy stock that makes the brilliant colors sing, this charming little book is much deeper and more complex than one would think with a cursory glance. Kids will love the imaginative and colorful illustrations and all of the images are rated G. Freak Like Me is available from karmadreams.com and Amazon. Check it out!
October 25, 2009
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