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Book Review: Frommer's New Orleans
Diana K. Schwam
Cover image of the product Frommer's New Orleans by Diana K. Schwam
Frommer's New Orleans
Diana K. Schwam
2012 / John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
374 pages, plus maps
Review by Kathy Parsons
I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a tour guide before, but I’ve been thinking about revisiting New Orleans in the near-future and thought it would be fun to look through this book to see what is and isn’t still there since I my visit in 2003 with a tour group from California. I didn’t expect the writing to be as lively and engaging as it is, and I found myself reading most of the book like an entertaining novel. The twelve chapters include sections on highlights of the city, its history, festivals, food, lodging, walking tours, side trips, and New Orleans after dark. The author, Diana K. Schwam, is someone who went to New Orleans for a visit and never left, and it is obvious that she is still deeply in love with this place. However, that love has matured, allowing her to see things that aren’t ideal, and she also includes information about places and areas that can be dangerous for pedestrians or tourists out alone. Restaurants and hotels/motels are rated with tips and highlights as well as pricing. Pricing is clear (within a range, depending on the time of year), and Schwam mentions specialties of many of the restaurants and bars. I also really like that she includes some unusual places to visit rather than just the tourist traps, and she even includes a section on voodoo - what it is and isn’t. There is an abundance of colorful photos, sidebars, and maps, and a pocket-sized map of the whole city is attached in the back of the book (it’s perforated for easy removal from the book). I love this book, and won’t hesitate to purchase other tour guides from Frommer’s in the future. Very highly recommended.
July 17, 2012