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Book Review: Secrets of the Oregon Dunes
Dina Pavlis
Cover image of the product Secrets of the Oregon Dunes by Dina Pavlis
Secrets of the Oregon Dunes
Dina Pavlis
2008 / Windy Acres Enterprises
64 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Secrets of the Oregon Dunes is a wonderful little book that tells the story of how the Oregon Dunes were formed, how they evolved and continue to evolve, and why they will probably disappear altogether over the next fifty years. What makes this delightful book unique is its friendly style written in everyday English that kids as well as adults will find accessible, fun, and easy to read. Dina Pavlis’ writing is conversational and often amusing while providing a great deal of fascinating information. The scientific terms that she does use are explained in side-bars or within each topic, so readers do not have to keep flipping around looking for footnotes or glossaries.

Along with a brief history of how the dunes were formed, Pavlis lists common wildlife, plants, climate features, and a good idea of what to expect on the Oregon Coast year-round. She also recommends several walks and hikes in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, detailing characteristics of the hikes, what to bring, and about how long the walks will take to complete. A Forest Service volunteer and resident of Florence, Oregon, Ms. Pavlis knows her stuff. For those who are tantalized by the information given, there are extensive credits and references for further reading and study.

As a bonus, this book is small enough to fit in a backpack or the pocket of an outdoors jacket, making it a perfect companion for a trip to the dunes. I thoroughly enjoyed Secrets of the Oregon Dunes and hope to take some hikes in the very near future! It is available from amazon.com.
October 14, 2009