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Cook Book: Easy Peasy Tasty Salads
Emily Brown / Easy Peasy Kitchen
Cover image of the product Easy Peasy Tasty Salads by Emily Brown / Easy Peasy Kitchen
Easy Peasy Tasty Salads
Emily Brown / Easy Peasy Kitchen
2017 / Amazon Digital Services
Salad cookbook 53 recipes, 73 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a salad junky - I could eat salads at every meal if I was cooking just for me. I usually just throw together whatever is in the fridge or growing in my veggie garden, but I am also always looking for new ideas. When the opportunity to review Easy Peasy Tasty Salads came up, I didn’t have to think about it for very long - about two seconds, actually! I don’t often read cookbooks from cover to cover, but that’s what I did with this one. I discovered lots of interesting food and nutritional information, some beautiful photos of each of the fifty-three salads included in the book, a few salad ingredients I’d never heard of, and a lot of new recipes that I’m excited to try. The cookbook is available in a Kindle edition as well as a paperback book from amazon.com.

A few of the recipes include fruit, but the vast majority of them are combinations of veggies or veggies and chicken or seafood. Most of the dressings use very simple ingredients and are easy to make. Many include homemade mayonnaise, and a recipe for that is included at the back of the book. Several salads call for Korean Carrots, and that recipe is not included in the book. I found several recipes for them on various cooking sites and they varied so much that I asked Ms. Brown what her favorite is. Here is the link to the recipe on her own website: Korean Carrots.

Most (35) of the recipes make four servings, but two of them serve six, eleven serve three, and four serve two. At the end of each recipe, Ms. Brown details the nutritional advantages and health benefits of the main ingredients - info that I found very interesting and helpful.

Emily Brown, the author, is a wellness consultant as well as a writer and used to travel in Eastern Europe, Western Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus region as a personal wellness and nutrition consultant. In that capacity, she had the opportunity to observe various cooking traditions and to collect a wealth of recipes in addition to her original creations. More cookbooks are forthcoming, so if you like this salad cookbook, be sure to watch for future releases.

I am really enjoying this book and will comment here on some of the salads as I try them. The Kindle version on Amazon is very inexpensive, and it might be handy to try that before investing in the printed book (which is also very affordable!). Recommended!!!
November 30, 2017