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Book Review: Retirementology
Gregory Salsbury, Ph.D.
Cover image of the product Retirementology by Gregory Salsbury, Ph.D.
Gregory Salsbury, Ph.D.
2010 / FT Press
219 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reading about retirement planning sounds about as exciting as watching cheese melt, but Gregory Salsbury has actually put together an entertaining as well as extremely informative guidebook called Retirementology: Rethinking The American Dream in a New Economy. As a self-employed person for most of my working life, I am not looking at mandatory retirement anytime soon, but since this book addresses the financial crises of the past couple of years and how they relate to retirement, I wanted to see what that author had to say. Like many others, I was diligently investing for my retirement over a period of many years and the losses have been devastating. While the author mentions this several times, there were no real suggestions for recovering from that kind of financial blow. Also, I had never heard of behavioral finance, and found the anecdotes and illustrated points fascinating. While I might not have gotten exactly what I was looking for from the book, I found it practical, realistic, and very approachable. I enjoyed the original vocabulary terms such as the title, “hellthcare,” “retirewent,” “equimortis,” and “kinphobia.” I strongly recommend Retirementology for anyone - even if retirement isn’t decades away. There is a lot of good, solid advice and information here, and that can be very difficult to come by! I suspect it will be many years (if ever) before anyone will again see a comfortable retirement as a sure thing without many years of preparation. This guidebook can be a big help.
July 2, 2010