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Book: Twilight Meditations
Jeff Bjorck
Cover image of the product Twilight Meditations by Jeff Bjorck
Twilight Meditations
Jeff Bjorck
2017 / Jeffrey P. Bjorck
Paperback book, 98 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Twilight Meditations is subtitled “One Woman’s Thoughts of God as Alzheimer’s Advances” and is a collection of quotations from Irene L. Bjorck that her son, Jeff, collected over the four-year period before she was no longer able to communicate clearly or cohesively. The book begins with a 13-page biography that includes reproductions of many of Irene’s paintings, prints, and photos of dolls that she made as well as photos of her life. The main part of the book is his mother’s quotes about God that Jeff collected from 2012 to early 2016, illustrated with his own nature photography as well as more examples of Irene’s artwork. Jeff also added comments about how his mother’s illness progressed, adding valuable insight to the quotations. I’ve known Jeff Bjorck for many years as a pianist/composer as well as a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, and he has often said over the past several years that his mother continued to be the happiest person he knew. I kept that thought with me as I read the pages of this wonderful book. Sadly, Mrs. Bjorck passed away a few months after the book was published, but what a lovely tribute to her spirit and faith it is! I’m sure it will bring comfort and inspiration to those who are dealing with Alzheimer’s, but it is a lovely book for anyone to browse and read. Twilight Meditations is available in paperback or as a download on amazon.com. Highly recommended!
December 19, 2017