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Book Review: The Heron Legacy - A Novel
Leona Francombe
Cover image of the product The Heron Legacy - A Novel by Leona Francombe
The Heron Legacy - A Novel
Leona Francombe
2024 / Merle Books Brussels
Paperback and Kindle
390 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Heron Legacy is the second novel I've read by Leona Francombe, and both have been outstanding. A work of fiction inspired by history, the vivid characters are easy to visualize as well as to empathize with - especially as the mysterious and sometimes dangerous events of the story unfold. Historical events, people, places and documents weave in and out of the story along with their fictional counterparts. Most of the story takes place in the present and begins in Belgium when 17-year-old Charles Fontaine is spending a summer studying the history of their family and events that have occurred in the area alongside his historian (as well as eccentric) Uncle Theodore in the castle that has belonged to the family for centuries. Theodore is seeking to trace the true roots of the family's history going back as far as The Crusades. Charles' father, a shadowy lawyer with a questionable past, decides to uproot Charles and move to New York where he establishes another law firm while Charles is in law school. Many years later, after Charles has joined his father's firm, he returns to Belgium with his father's orders to sell the castle and property now that Theodore has died. Charles' passion for history returns - especially the family history - as he begins to uncover twists and turns to the story. Along the way, he encounters a number of colorful and fascinating characters, documents, and twists to the story that will keep you glued to the book to see what happens next. It's a great story and an exceptionally well-written novel that I plan to read again very soon! I give it a very enthusiastic recommendation!
June 25, 2024
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