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Book Review: Growing Up Humming
Mike Spinak
Cover image of the product Growing Up Humming by Mike Spinak
Growing Up Humming
Mike Spinak
2012 / Mike Spinak
41 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Growing Up Humming is a charming picture book about the lives of hummingbirds. Written and photographed by Mike Spinak, the book tells the story of a few days in the lives of two baby hummingbirds - how they develop, how their mother feeds them, and how they learn to fly. Designed for kids of all ages, the photography is stunning and the text is excellent - descriptive without being too scientific, and more objective than cutesy with easy-to-understand prose and information that will surprise even some adults. This truly is a book for all age groups because the photography is so good and shows many physical features of hummingbirds that most people never have the opportunity to see. I also really enjoyed the page of “Anna’s Hummingbird Facts” at the end of the book.

This is a great book for introducing children to the wonders of nature! Very highly recommended!
February 12, 2013