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Book Review: Beginners Guide to Meditation
Oliver Kent, PhD.
Cover image of the product Beginners Guide to Meditation by Oliver Kent, PhD.
Beginners Guide to Meditation
Oliver Kent, PhD.
2019 / Oliver Kent
Kindle for Mac edition.
Review by Kathy Parsons
Beginners Guide to Meditation is the third book by Oliver Kent that I’ve read and reviewed and I found this one to be particularly interesting as well as informative. In the book, Kent describes what meditation is and presents a variety of approaches to achieve desired goals and benefits. He gives step by step suggestions that are easy to understand and to follow - from breathing exercises to creating simple rituals for your own use - and even suggests ways to meditate at work or in public without being noticed or bothering anyone. I know a lot of people who meditate, but I have always assumed it was a much more formal practice than it needs to be. The techniques Kent suggests and describes are more about focusing attention and intention to relax, to find answers and to send positive thoughts and energy into the world. Personally, I am starting to use ideas from this book to try to lower my blood pressure since I seem to react to medications. It’s too soon to tell if that will work, but I do enjoy what I’ve tried so far (mostly taking deep breaths with three different thoughts/ goals mind with each breath). Kent emphasizes that it is perfectly okay to customize your own meditations to suit your lifestyle and goals, which is very encouraging. He gives many examples and often incorporates gentle humor, making the book very easy and enjoyable to read. So, if you are thinking of trying meditation or just want to get a better understanding of what it is, I highly recommend this book!
July 24, 2019