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Book Review: Dream Journal: A Place For Dreams
Robin Spielberg
Cover image of the product Dream Journal: A Place For Dreams by Robin Spielberg
Dream Journal: A Place For Dreams
Robin Spielberg
2018 / Spobs Music
Dream Journal and companion book to Robin's album, :On the Edge of a Dream."
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dream Journal: A Place For Dreams is a book of 104 mostly blank pages for writing down and/or drawing dreams. It is a companion book to Robin Spielberg’s 2018 solo piano album On the Edge of a Dream and is available separately from the album. The book was designed by Spielberg with lined pages on the right side of the open book and a blank page on the left for sketching a dream (or whatever you want to sketch or doodle!). There quotations about dreams and dreaming on every other sketching page by a wide range of people that include Vincent Van Gogh to Roy Orbison to Thomas Jefferson and Plato. The pages are a little bigger than 8”x8”, so there is plenty of room to sketch and write on each page. Spielberg has been keeping journals of her dreams for many years and says that by doing so, dreamers can gain insight into their waking lives. The journal is available on Robin Spielberg’s website and on Amazon. Fun!
March 3, 2018
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