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Book Review: Mac OS X Lion .... On Demand
Steve Johnson
Cover image of the product Mac OS X Lion .... On Demand by Steve Johnson
Mac OS X Lion .... On Demand
Steve Johnson
2011 / Que Publishing
556 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
My assumption from the title of this book that it would be the “missing manual” for OS X Lion and would convince me one way or the other that I should or should not upgrade from Snow Leopard. I have had Mac computers since 1987, so although I am far from being a “techie,” many of Mac’s functions are second nature to me. I was a little disappointed to see that the book starts from the very beginning, more or less assuming that the reader is new to Mac and doesn’t know how to do anything. If that describes you, this is the book for you. It gives clear, detailed instructions on how to do just about anything from explaining the function of the Finder, setting up email, etc. to setting up networks and automated tasks. The writing is lively and there are copious illustrations, so it is likely that just about any question about the functions of a Mac computer will be answered somewhere in this book. For those who are looking specifically for the changes in Lion, the table of contents and the actual chapters have everything that is new clearly marked with a red “NEW!” I appreciate not having to skim through all of the text of a chapter to find what I’m looking for. Once I got back into the more more advanced sections of the book, I did find information that is very useful about some of the tasks Mac is capable of that I haven’t used because I didn’t know how to. So, in reality, this is an excellent handbook for Mac users at all but the most advanced levels. It reminds me of the old MacIntosh Bibles that were written for the early Macs, covering just about every detail that could be imagined for those machines. I do wish there was more information about iCloud and perhaps a trouble-shooting section, but otherwise, it’s very complete.
November 23, 2011