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Book: InQUIZitive: The Best Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Omnibus
Sumit Dhar
Cover image of the product InQUIZitive: The Best Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Omnibus by Sumit Dhar
InQUIZitive: The Best Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Omnibus
Sumit Dhar
2020 / Amazon
Trivia Quizzes, Kindle Edition, 178 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
What a goldmine of information this book is! I’m usually really good at trivia quizzes, but this collection covers a very broad spectrum of subjects, geographical locations and time periods (all very interesting, I might add!), so I can’t imagine anyone being able to “ace” more than a few of these quizzes. Originally a series of four books (InQUIZitive Vol. 1-4) and then a series of two with two volumes of the first series in each, this “Omnibus” includes all four volumes in one handy book.

I really like the way the book is organized. It is divided into four sections (one for each of the volumes), and each section has a series of twenty quizzes of five questions each. Each quiz is on one page and the answers are on the next page. (I assume that in the print version, the questions would be on the facing page and the answers on the back side of the page.) Reading the Kindle version, it’s a simple matter of scrolling up and down to find the answers, and it’s very easy to avoid seeing the next answers since there is ample spacing between them. The quizzes aren’t set up by subject, so each one contains a variety of often completely unrelated material.

Another thing that sets this book apart from other trivia quizzes is that the author (Sumit Dhar) gives interesting hints within the questions to help you figure out the answers. This adds a lot more substance to questions on subjects you might know little or nothing about. I really learned a lot in the process of reading this book, and plan to go back through it.

I did see a few of the questions repeated (probably about six of them) and I spotted a few errors in grammar, but those are very small criticisms for such a treasure trove of information that is both educational and fun. Treat yourself to a healthy mental workout and have a great time in the process!
May 5, 2020