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Album Review: The Sacred Well
Cover image of the album The Sacred Well by 2002
The Sacred Well
2002 / Real Music
58 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Sacred Well is a “best of” collection with eight selections from four of 2002’s previous albums as well as two new tracks and two from recent Real Music compilations. As with their earlier releases, the music is sweet, optimistic, and expertly crafted. For this reviewer, it is also a little like cotton candy - very enjoyable, but there isn’t much substance. As a gentle backdrop for other activities or for music to relax with, it doesn’t get any smoother than this. If you are not familiar with 2002, this is a great starter. Some of the tracks border on ambient or space music, but all are also melodic. Guitars, flutes, keyboards, and wordless vocals give 2002 a distinctive sound that is fairly definitive of new age music: soothing, uplifting, and very pretty. The two new tracks, “Stardust” and “Full Circle” are lovely, but no new ground is broken, indicating that the duo has hit on a formula that is working for them, and will most likely continue along the same lines. The Sacred Well is widely available from online retailers as well as record stores.
April 4, 2002