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Album Review: Time Traveler
Cover image of the album Time Traveler by 2002
Time Traveler
2024 / Galactic Playground Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
2002 has been creating timeless music in a career that now spans more than thirty years. Time Traveler is their twenty-third album, and I think I would instantly recognize the music as being theirs even without the cover artwork. Originally a duo (Pamela and Randy), 2002 includes their very talented daughter, Sarah, who has been recording with them since she was ten. 2002 has covered a huge amount of musical territory over the years and continues to evolve. This time, Randy introduces the Theremin on one track, and Pamela has added a bass flute to her instrumental expertise. The ten new and original pieces also feature guest artists James Song (violin) and Dan Totan (cello) on one track each. As always, this new album is a beautiful and heartfelt musical journey to take again and again. Quoting the liner notes from the album:

"This album was inspired by memories of the paths we chose to follow and of the friends that journeyed with us. Some friends now live only in our hearts, immortal. But somewhere, someday we will pick up again, right where we left off. The journey never ends."

Time Traveler begins with "The Morning Breeze," the name of a very popular radio broadcast that was hosted by Donna Jo Thornton for almost 25 years. Donna is one of the people the album is dedicated to, and this beautiful tribute includes James Song on violin along with the lush orchestrations and wordless vocals that are such a big part of the 2002 sound. Flute and acoustic guitar add even more richness and depth. "Falling Stars" is both magical and ethereal with harp, piano, strings, light percussion and angelic vocals. The piano takes the lead on "Seasons Fade," one of my favorites. Dreamy yet bittersweet and somewhat mysterious, this haunting piece was composed by Sarah Copus, who also plays the piano. "Love Of My Life" is also a favorite and includes Dan Totan (cello) as well as Pamela's flute and gentle vocals. There is a gorgeous video for this piece (link to the side of this review. Videos for the title track and "Beyond the Veil" are also linked). The title track is much more ambient and atmospheric, taking us on a journey through time that is mysterious, magical and very peaceful. "Beyond the Veil" is also very ambient with a simple but very effective piano part that is supported by strings, light (wordless) vocals, and washes of atmospheric sound. "The Essence of a Dream" is classic 2002 with flutes, synth washes, light percussion and acoustic guitar - very easy to get pleasantly lost in! Randy plays his Moog Claravox Theremin on "Where You Are." Invented in 1919, the Theremin is the world's oldest electronic instrument and is one of the most difficult instruments to learn because it is never actually touched when it's played. It has a very distinctive "otherworldly" sound that works beautifully in this piece.

Time Traveler is another great album from 2002! It is available from Amazon (CDs and digital) and Apple Music/iTunes as well as all of the streaming platforms. CDs can also be ordered from Bandcamp and 2002's official website. Don't miss it!
May 27, 2024
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