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Album Review: A Thousand Springs
Adam Andrews
Cover image of the album A Thousand Springs by Adam Andrews
A Thousand Springs
Adam Andrews
2015 / Adam Andrews
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Adam Andrews’ award-winning and highly-praised 2014 debut album, Road to Ambo, set the bar very high for a follow-up album, but A Thousand Springs does not disappoint. Adams is a classically-trained pianist with a background in folk-pop Christian music and brings a strong, original voice to the solo piano world.

A Thousand Springs captures the experience of a 24-hour retreat into the wilderness for reflection and renewal. Sometimes very energetic and sometimes calm and peaceful, “A Thousand Springs is simply intended to be a source of encouragement for all. Each tune has a specific focus about a universal emotion often experienced along the journey to healing and inspiration.” (quoting Andrews). The album is grouped into three sections of four piano solos each. The first group is about enjoying nature and unwinding from day-to-day stress. The second group reflects on a time to relax, heal, reassess and map out positive steps going forward. The third group represents leaving nature and going back into society, facing the world rejuvenated and focused.

A Thousand Springs begins with the title track, a joyous and effervescent piece that celebrates the big and small victories in life - a glorious opening! “Authenticity Falls” combines several styles of music into a colorful collage that represents the many sides of each person’s personality and the value of being true to who we are. “Finding Free” is a light and carefree celebration of the joy of creating with an open heart and mind. I think this piece could brighten anyone’s day! “Just Gotta Be” is a reminder to not take life too seriously. A playful waltz, it’s a bit of musical sunshine. “Night Embers” is a shorter piece that is something of a prelude to the second group of pieces. Coming from a place of painful life experience, it envisions floating embers that can roar back to a blaze of rage. “Every Dark Tear” was composed on the day of the funeral of Andrews’ childhood best friend and is intended to comfort anyone grieving loss. Sad and very heartfelt, it also expresses hope. “Surrounding Hollow” is a favorite. Composed as a song of encouragement to those in desperate situations, the warmth and emotional depth is as palpable as the music is beautiful. “Water Over Ashes” expresses letting go, forgiveness, and moving ahead. It begins very quietly and pensively, building gradually in a theme and variations style, becoming energized and optimistic, and returning to the original theme. “Foundation Trails” is about moving forward in life and applying what has been learned so far. Bright and energetic, it brings this exceptional album to a joyful close.

I would expect A Thousand Springs to be as well-received as Adam Andrews’ debut and look forward to seeing him become a prominent voice in contemporary solo piano. A Thousand Springs is available from adamandrewsmusic.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
May 10, 2015