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Album Review: But I Want To (SE) (single)
AJ Smooth
Cover image of the album But I Want To (SE) (single) by AJ Smooth
But I Want To (SE) (single)
AJ Smooth
2018 / New Smooth Records
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
But I Want To (SE) is a soulful single release by Austin, TX singer/ songwriter/ pianist/ drummer AJ Smooth. Released on New Smooth Records, AJ’s music is built around the idea that “music should release the peace and groove out of each one of us.” I like that! AJ started out as a drummer at the age of eleven (playing on pots and pans with window-blind wands before his parents bought him his first drum set), and then started teaching himself to play the piano at 13. As a teen, AJ performed with choirs, drumlines, and many different bands across the south.

But I Want To (SE) is a song about a one-sided love relationship that is going nowhere, so the lyrics are on the sad and melancholy side. Accompanying himself on keyboard with a catchy rhythm track, AJ sings and plays a gentle R&B ballad that will appeal to a wide range of ages and musical preferences. It’s a slow-dance kind of song with a nice rhythmic groove. It is available for download from www.AJSmooth.com, Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!
August 10, 2018