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Album Review: Chicago Chill 1 and 2
Al Jewer and Andy Mitran
Cover image of the album Chicago Chill 1 and 2 by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran
Chicago Chill 1 and 2
Al Jewer and Andy Mitran
2017 / Laughing Cat Records
#1 30 minutes #2 34 minutes
Review by Joseph Akins
I’ve been listening to Al Jewer and Andy Mitran’s music for a couple of years. I discovered it in 2015 after obtaining Desert Light, a CD of beautiful, meditative tracks. It’s one of many new age albums from Al and Andy. Others include Music of the Earth and Surrounding Sky. They help create the right environment for my morning yoga workout.

This year, I was both excited and surprised when I came across Chicago Chill 1 and Chicago Chill 2 on Spotify. Surprised because both of these new albums (two separate albums) are a little different from the previously mentioned Al Jewer and Andy Mitran albums.

Chicago Chill 1 is a collection of ten tracks with chill beats and funky bass lines that are perfect for those times when you are in the mood for mellow music with a pulse. You are served a dish a chill-beats, funky bass lines, jazzy electric pianos and plenty of synths that echo and add spice to the entree. The album begins with “Money Shot”, a cool track that inspires you to tap along, but my favorite track (currently) is “Crimson Chill”. It has a Herbie Hancock-like clavinet riffing over a vamping slap bass. A groovy track for sure!

Chicago Chill 2 is another collection of ten tracks but differs a little from Chicago Chill 1. You still get chill grooves and smooth jazz harmonies, but Chicago Chill 2 has a little more variety in mood and style. For instance, “Evening in Rio” and “Latin Chill” incorporate Latin rhythms and harmonies. Another track, “Bubble Bath”, includes 808-like tom rolls and bubble sounds that remind me a little of the melody from the instrumental hit “Popcorn”. A very cool track indeed.

If you like excellent chillout music, I highly recommend these albums. I hope Al and Andy continue with this series!
August 20, 2017
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