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Album Review: Beyond Earth
Anaya Music
Cover image of the album Beyond Earth by Anaya Music
Beyond Earth
Anaya Music
2020 / Anaya Music
59 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Anaya Music’s Beyond Earth is subtitled “Music For Hope.” On the Anaya Music website she describes the album: “Beyond Earth is about musically enlightened whispering wisdom to create the vibration of timing through the inter-dimensional gateway of love. It is an Ode of Love bringing a new Dawn of our Sacred Soul fulfilled of Secrets and elevating vibrations to Nirvana at once in Earth and Humankind.” Using a musical palette that includes keyboards, guitar, strings and wordless vocals, Anaya Music creates soothing atmospheric sounds for her “cosmic new age music” that transports her listeners to a beautiful place and time where love and hope flow freely and there is nothing to fear.

The Brazilian composer and artist also known as Tania Mara Bothelo began her recording career in 1998 and has released dozens of albums. Her music has won many awards, making her one of the leading artists in the ambient/new age music genres.

Beyond Earth begins with the almost 32-minute title track. A choir of voices, keyboards and nature sounds converge to paint an aural picture of a place where all is calm and peaceful, where conflict and diseases have no place, and where dreams can come true. Are you relaxed yet? I am! “Secrets” continues in a very smooth ambient mode with the choral voices, keyboard and atmospheric sounds. “Sacred Soul” begins with a simple piano melody, gradually adding voices and strings as well as the sounds of birds and water. “Dawn 1” is mostly a digital piano solo that reflects on the calm and pastel colors of the beginning of a new day. Strings are added near the end as the world awakens. “Dawn II” is also mostly digital piano until the last few moments of the piece. “Ode to Love” overflows with gentleness, grace and warmth - ethereal and heavenly! “Nirvana (8d)” is as soothing as its name implies. I didn’t listen to it with headphones, but it’s really interesting how the sound travels from speaker to speaker! “Once” brings the album to a close as peacefully as it started, this time with piano and strings floating around us in space. I feel like I just had a great nap!

Beyond Earth is another beautiful album from Anaya Music and is available from Amazon and iTunes as well as streaming sites including Spotify. This music is a very soothing antidote to all the stress and fear of 2020!
July 10, 2020
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