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Album Review: Forever (single)
Anaya Music
Cover image of the album Forever (single) by Anaya Music
Forever (single)
Anaya Music
2020 / Anaya Music
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Forever” is a beautiful single release from Anaya Music. Sub-titled “Cosmic Newage Music for Hope,” the instrumentation includes piano, flute, wordless vocals, and synth strings. The single has a companion video that shows an amazing variety of images of earth, water and sky and pairs elegantly with the music while telling the story. The piece itself is bittersweet and poignant, expressing sadness as well as hope - feelings that are so common in today’s uncertain world.

“Forever” is available from Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming sites, and the video is available on YouTube. Recommended!
June 24, 2020
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