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Album Review: Tapestries of Time
Ann Sweeten
Cover image of the album Tapestries of Time by Ann Sweeten
Tapestries of Time
Ann Sweeten
2014 / Orange Band Records
56 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Ann Sweeten has been a long time veteran pianist who has well established herself in the New Age genre with her foot always firmly planted in her neo-classical roots. With her Tapestries of Time recording representing her fourth collaboration with Will Ackerman and his A Team of studio musicians plus some additional musical guests, nothing has changed. Considering the strength of her last two recordings why try to fix something that has not broken which makes Tapestries of Time the third in a row strong recording from the sometimes underappreciated pianist.

Ann’s music, though at times dramatic for the melancholy is never gaudy or overstated nor understated. She is a classy musician that has the flare but never overplays the ace in her pocket that she is so capable of doing and continues to keep all things balanced. Clocking in at approximately 56 minutes there are no stellar tracks that will pound into your memory banks but there is also absolutely no filler to be found on this strong recording.

While two of the tracks feature Ann flying solo, the remaining tracks include embellishments of some sort from cello, English horn, oboe, violin, French horn, flugelhorn to even Will Ackerman himself on acoustic guitar. Needless to say, the varying instrumentation keeps the melancholy mood uplifting giving Tapestries of Time enough embroidery to remain complex but nevertheless compelling.
April 27, 2014
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