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Album Review: Life Colours
Antonio Simone
Cover image of the album Life Colours by Antonio Simone
Life Colours
Antonio Simone
2010 / Antonio Simone
47 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Life Colours is the wonderful solo piano debut recording by Italian pianist/composer Antonio Simone. Classically-trained from childhood and a graduate of The Music Conservatory with the highest possible marks, Simone composes music for various instruments in a variety of styles; he is also a music therapist. Life Colours is a fusion of classical and new age piano styles, which gives the music an accessible yet complex quality that I really love. Simone’s playing is confident and beautifully expressive - a pianist’s pianist, if you will. This is music that is too good to be relegated to background music. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy the lovely musical journey.

Life Colours begins with “Seascapes,” a piece with a graceful ebb and flow that mesmerizes much like watching the movement of the ocean - a great beginning! “Thinking of You” is a slow and elegant love song that evokes feelings of longing and nostalgia. The title song picks up the pace and dances all over the piano with joy and anticipation. Living on the Oregon Coast, I can readily identify with “A Rainy Sunday Morning”! Warm, cozy, and very relaxed, it’s a beauty! I also really like “Kendra’s Song.” Energetic with just a touch of mystery, it’s a favorite. “The Forgotten Room” is another favorite. More ambient than melodic, it conveys complex emotions with a minimal number of notes. “Remembering Nenna Ne’” is based on an old folk song, and is brought right into the 21st century with a swirling rhythm that propels the simple minor-key melody with an infectious energy. Love it! The left hand at the beginning and ending of “The Vanity of Things” has strong Mozart and Hayden influences, but the gentle melancholy melody is very contemporary. The combination works beautifully! “Running Through the Meadow” is a high-spirited romp that overflows with joy and sunshine. “Back to Bach” is loosely based on JS Bach’s “Minuet in Gm,” a standard teaching classic that many piano students learn. The contemporary treatment again works elegantly and beautifully. “Little Thought” is a sweet and simple “so long for now” that ends the album with a wistful smile.

Antonio Simone is certainly off to a great start with his recording career! Life Colours is currently available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Strongly recommended!
August 8, 2010
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