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Album Review: All You Need
Arthur Dobrucki
Cover image of the album All You Need by Arthur Dobrucki
All You Need
Arthur Dobrucki
2009 / Azure Hills Music
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
All You Need is pianist/composer Arthur Dobrucki’s third recording of original solo piano music and again demonstrates his versatility and virtuosity as a composer and pianist as well as his deep roots in classical music. Leaning a bit more toward Americana and new age stylings, the nine tracks also reflect influences from blues, folk, pop, gospel, musical theater, and jazz. Active in the Southern California music community for more than twenty years, Dobrucki melds his diverse musical experiences into a unique and personal musical voice.

All You Need begins with “Bring It Back,” a light, warm piece that is tinged with mystery. Strongly melodic and flowing, it is a very promising start! The title track follows, and is a graceful, passionate ballad that evokes visions of a slow, fluid dance. “Rise Again” has its roots in gospel music, and is both reverent and jubilant. “Where You Lead” is joyful and upbeat with a swirling, infectious energy. “Wanting You” is less structured, more ambient, and absolutely gorgeous. Passionate and emotional, this music seems to come from the depths of the soul - definitely a favorite! The highlight of the album is the 16 1/2 minute “Communication,” a piece that I would guess is an improvisation because of its flowing quality, freedom, and changing themes (which hold together wonderfully - this is no musical patchwork quilt). Although the tone is mostly quiet, there is an underlying energy that keeps the piece moving forward, making it interesting and compelling as it evolves. At about the 10-minute point, the tempo picks up and the piece becomes much bigger and bolder, developing an almost funky jazz rhythm before returning to its more gentle, soft-spoken voice. It’s a tour-de-force and well-worth the price of “admission” by itself. “Lighthouse Prayer” is a charming and simple gem - graceful and heartfelt.

All You Need is a richly rewarding musical experience and should help to bring Arthur Dobrucki the recognition he deserves. Check it out at azurehillsmusic.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes. Recommended!
May 12, 2009
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