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Album Review: Silent Piano (Songs For Sleeping) 2
Blank & Jones and Marcus Loeber
Cover image of the album Silent Piano (Songs For Sleeping) 2 by Blank & Jones and Marcus Loeber
Silent Piano (Songs For Sleeping) 2
Blank & Jones and Marcus Loeber
2018 / Soundcolours
71 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Silent Piano (Songs For Sleeping) 2 is the second collection of pieces composed by Blank and Jones and performed by pianist Marcus Loeber. From the title, I thought maybe this was a new version of John Cage’s “4’33” (the pianist sits in silence for 4 minutes and 33 seconds), but was delighted to discover that the album consists of thirteen very quiet and calming piano solos played with delicate perfection by Loeber. I have reviewed several of Loeber’s albums in the past and love them, but I was not familiar with Blank and Jones. I’ve since discovered that they are Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones and began their career in the late 1990’s. They have become “one of Germany’s leading electronic acts, noted for their refusal to conform, or indeed stick, to genres and going on to work with names such as Robert Smith (The Cure), Bernard Sumner (New Order) and The Pet Shop Boys proving that electronic music has no boundaries.” (quoted from the promo material for Silent Piano 2). For this album, Blank & Jones worked with soundtrack expert Marcus Loeber and created very intimate arrangements of their own classic compositions from the last decade.

Often, music like this falls into the category of “ear candy” or even boring music that will put you to sleep due to a lack of anything interesting happening in the music. Silent Piano 2 is neither “fluff” music nor boring in any way. Loeber is a master of imbuing expressive beauty into music that is direct and impressionistic without being overly complex. Silent Piano 2 is a wonderful accompaniment to quiet activities or even work situations where the music will be savored in a somewhat more subliminal fashion. The simplicity keeps it from being distracting - providing a warm and open ambience that is always pleasant - but there is plenty of substance for more focused listening. It is music that is easy to check in and out of on a conscious level. It is also perfect for de-stressing, relaxing or “even falling asleep to this wonderful and intimate music!” I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it in the car as I drove along the Oregon Coast.

Silent Piano (Songs For Sleeping) 2 provides more than an hour of a calming, soothing solo piano music and as well as a respite from our crazy, noisy world. It is now available to purchase and stream worldwide, including BlankandJones.com, Amazon and iTunes.
January 6, 2019
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