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Album Review: In the Moment
Bradley Sowash
Cover image of the album In the Moment by Bradley Sowash
In the Moment
Bradley Sowash
1999 / Bradley Sowash Music
51 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A jubilant third CD from one of the most dynamic pianists around, In the Moment exudes optimism without any trace of sugarcoating. There are bittersweet moments, but there is always a sense of contentment and of moving forward. The title cut opens the CD with an exuberant run down the piano keyboard and a joyful development. Off to a great start!“ Far and Near” is nostalgic and touching in its sweetness and simplicity. “Burying Home” starts with a slow, gentle melody as well as occasional cascades of broken chords, and evolves into a wistful but rhythmic “Taps”; I’d love to know the story behind this one! “Noodle Soup” is a lazy, bluesy improvisation. “Domaine Nouveau” opens with a kind of questioning feeling that I think most of us sense when moving to a new home, but evolves into a jazzy, gospel romp - everything is going to be fine here! “Steps to the Soul” and “Out the Window” are more introspective. “Ash Cave” is mysterious and more abstract. This is obviously a wonderful mixed bag of piano solos, and Bradley Sowash has mentioned that he’s been advised to make his recordings more homogenous and in one mood. I, for one, am glad he continues to rebel against this commercial formula. A very multi-faceted artist, I love seeing the many pianistic sides of Bradley’s music, and hope he’ll continue to follow his muse in any way he sees fit! A great, meaty CD!
September 9, 1999