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Album Review: Light of a New Day
Brandon Sturiale
Cover image of the album Light of a New Day by Brandon Sturiale
Light of a New Day
Brandon Sturiale
2014 / Brandon Sturiale
34 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Light of a New Day is the second album from pianist/composer Brandon Sturiale, following his 2003 debut, Midnight Story. The first album was recorded on a digital piano, but this time Sturiale recorded on a really nice acoustic piano that is much more expressive. Four pieces from the first album reappear here on the “real” piano, and what a difference that makes! The Oklahoma-born Sturiale relocated to New York City several years ago and makes his living as a music director/pianist, mostly in the world of musical theatre. Sturiale’s goal with this album was to take the listener on a musical journey, knowing and enjoying the fact that the journey would be different for each person who experiences it. Most of the pieces are on the quiet, soothing side, but there are a couple of notable exceptions that are darker and/or more energetic. It’s a very pleasant listening experience and a “grand” re-entry for Brandon Sturiale to the solo piano community.

Light of a New Day opens with the title song, a gently upbeat and optimistic beginning. “First Impressions” has a warm and tender melody that is strong enough to support lyrics, although none are needed. I really like “Not Even the Rain,” a poignant ballad that expresses a variety of emotions - beautiful! “Lake Placid” conveys a calming stillness that soothes deeply. I love “Earthshine,” a lively and passionate piece that uses the deep bass of the piano to great effect. One of the main themes is quiet and flowing and alternates with a theme that is stronger and more powerful - a great piece! “Season After Season” returns to warm musical gentleness and optimism. I also really like the grace and sincerity of “Forgiveness,” which seems to come straight from the heart. “Emily’s Lullaby” is as sweet and loving as they come and is suitable for any age! My other favorite (besides “Earthshine”) is “Until Tomorrow Comes.” Propelled by a quiet intensity, it could be a passionate love song or the reflections of a solitary soul at the piano late at night. Either way, it’s exceptional!

It’s great to welcome Brandon Sturiale back and I hope this is just the first of a series of releases from him! Light of a New Day is available from brandonsturiale.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Recommended!
December 5, 2014
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