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Album Review: My Time
Bruce Smith
Cover image of the album My Time by Bruce Smith
My Time
Bruce Smith
2007 / Rauttnee Press
Review by Kathy Parsons
My Time is pianist/composer Bruce Smith’s twentieth release since 2001! I’m not sure there is another artist on the planet who can match Smith’s output in speed AND quality. One of my favorite artists, Smith seamlessly interweaves jazz, classical, pop, and new age stylings into his own trademark sound. Coupled with a flawless technique, Smith is the real deal when it comes to original piano music. The music sounds effortless, but when you really listen to what Smith is doing, the complexity and intricacy of the music become clear. It is the emotional depth and expression that really pull you in, though. A few of the tracks on My Time have appeared on previous releases, but most are new. As usual with Smith’s albums, it’s difficult to single out any favorites, so I’ll give you a sampling of what’s included.

“Sweet ‘n Low” gets the CD off to a great start with a slinky and spirited jazz number. “Kirsten” is a beautifully bittersweet ballad that obviously comes from the heart. “Heaven’s Journey” slows down the pace even more, exploring and asking questions. The title track is a colorful blues piece that exudes joy and a sense of fun. See what I mean? This guy does it all and does it all well! “Simple Joy” has a wistful, graceful melody that conveys peace and contentment. As the title suggests, “Agitation” is all over the piano and never slows down. “Beslan Epilogue” could be a quiet closing to a sad movie - emotionally compelling and haunting. “Sad To Say” is darker yet very gentle - another gorgeous ballad that makes me think of late-night solitary musings at the piano. “Forever Love” could be a graceful slow dance on a moonlit night. “From the Inside Out” goes deep within for a dreamy bit of nostalgia and reflection. “My Romance” is just plain dreamy - sigh...

If you haven’t yet discovered Bruce Smith’s elegant piano artistry, give this one a try. I think you’ll see why I’m so enthused about his music! It is available from cdbaby.com. Highly recommended!
July 7, 2007
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