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Album Review: Quiet Mind
Carl Witt
Cover image of the album Quiet Mind by Carl Witt
Quiet Mind
Carl Witt
2007 / 2000 / Carl Witt
42 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Quiet Mind is a stunningly beautiful and tranquil solo piano work by Carl Witt. Originally released in 2000, the CD was recently rereleased with new packaging, which is also gorgeous. Subtitled “Piano Meditations,” this is one of the most soothing recordings I’ve ever heard. Dr. Witt received his DMA in composition and applied piano from the Eastman School of Music, and he performs a combination of classical and original music in concert. Described as a mix of Van Cliburn and George Winston, Witt includes a wide range of 20th century composers as contributors to his musical style, as well as a lifetime of personal influences. Meditation and improvisation can often be considered to be one and the same thing, and this is especially true with Quiet Mind, a work of incredible subtlety and grace. It is a perfect example of “minimalist piano,” with lots of open space between many of the notes and a gentle voice. The music resembles the quiet peace of nature (to me, anyway), but leaves it completely to the listener to interpret and visualize a meaning for each piece (if that is even necessary). The titles of the five pieces are their duration (“3:41,” 11:50,” etc.), again leaving it up to the listener to interpret the music for himself or herself. Often, music that comes from the academic music community is very difficult to grasp and understand, but this lovely gem should be accessible to anyone who loves quiet piano music. It could serve as soft background music, but allowing the music wash over you and soothe your cares away is much more satisfying in so many ways. Witt has created a marvelous example of the healing and renewing power of music. Music this subtle will sound a little different each time you listen to it, as your mind focuses on some areas and wanders off in others. Quiet Mind is truly a gift to your mind and body, so indulge often and feel the magical massage of musical notes as they caress your stress away.

Quiet Mind is available from carlwitt.com and cdbaby.com. Highly recommended!
September 3, 2007
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