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Album Review: Fearless
Cover image of the album Fearless by Cecilie
2018 / Utmark
44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fearless is the debut album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Cecilie (pronounced sih-seal-yeh), and what a delightful discovery she is! With a voice that conveys gentleness, strength, sincerity, passion and vulnerability, she writes and sings about emotions and life experiences that we all have at one time or other (well, except maybe the frozen winter nights of northern Norway!). The title of the album comes from Cecilie’s desire to encourage people everywhere to “be true to themselves and not let their fears hold them back. It’s about releasing, letting go of whatever is holding you back, being present and alive, and listening to the world around you until you find your own personal direction.” Backed by top Norwegian musicians on piano, guitars, key harp, violin, viola, mandolin, bass and drums, the eleven original songs are a very enjoyable mix of pop, folk, Celtic, world and new age music genres. Oh, and yes, the lyrics and song titles are in English, although the liner notes of the CD are in Norwegian. I don’t usually like to compare artists, but since this is a debut album, I’ll just say that Cecilie’s voice occasionally reminds me of Candace Night of Blackmore’s Night. I don’t review very many vocal albums, but Fearless is a winner!

Fearless begins with “Tango,” a beautiful and heartfelt ballad about two people who care about each other but are “just not able to dance at the same pace with the same rhythm…” This first song really grabbed my attention because it’s a different way to look at a very common issue. “Home” is about someone who makes you feel that being with him or her is where you belong. The instrumentation on this sweet song has a slightly country/Celtic feeling with the inclusion of guitars and fiddle. “Angels” has a dark, mysterious feel that is absolutely gorgeous - definitely a favorite! I also really like “Winter Night,” a warm love song that was composed during a very dark and cold winter in northern Norway. “The Spell” is the first single from the album. This one has a strong Celtic influence and tells the story of falling for someone who has lied all along and coming to grips with that truth. “Inside Me” is about the loss of a loved one who lives on in memories and the hope for a better place in the next life. “Saturday” is an anthem to the magic of the simple things in everyday life. The title track is about letting go of fear and trusting that the darkness will disappear in the new morning. While the music is darker, the lyrics express hope and encouragement - a great way to end this exceptional album!

Fearless is a very impressive debut! It is available from Amazon and iTunes and many of the online streaming sites. I give it both thumbs up!
August 20, 2018
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