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Album Review: irreplaceable EP
Chad Lawson
Cover image of the album irreplaceable EP by Chad Lawson
irreplaceable EP
Chad Lawson
2022 / Decca
16 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
irreplaceable is a four-track solo piano EP by Chad Lawson, one of my favorite pianists on the planet. I've reviewed most of his albums since his 2009 debut, Set On a Hill, and we did a very in-depth interview in 2010 (a new interview is in the works for May or June 2022!). I met Chad in late 2011 when he played a house concert in my home here on the Oregon Coast as part of the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio group. When Chad's turn to play came, he literally stopped me in my tracks - his touch on the piano keys is that beautiful! Chad's career sky-rocketed after that, with music composed for television, film, and commercial advertisements as well as a series of albums, EPs and singles that include original compositions and improvisations as well as interpretations of some of his favorite classical music. An artist who doesn't like to repeat himself, new releases from Chad Lawson are always a breath of musical fresh air, and irreplaceable is no exception! A Steinway artist with deep roots in both classical music and jazz, Lawson's voice is his own and he has never sounded better! irreplaceable was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Quoting Chad Lawson: "irreplaceable is about that person you could never live without, or that favorite time in your life, or that favorite memory that always brings a smile. Take a moment to appreciate those 'irreplaceables' in your life.” The music not only reflects on precious moments and memories, but it also solidifies Lawson’s singular role as a musical mindfulness advocate and a composer who is modernizing piano music for the streaming age.

irreplaceable begins with the title track, a piece that expresses deep emotions as it reflects on life and the people who have touched it in profound ways. Beautifully poignant and elegantly-played, it's a gorgeous start! "To Hold the Stars In the Palm of Your Hand" is pure piano magic. Dreamy and very gentle, it also expresses the twinkle and sparkle of stars as it soothes the mind and sparks the imagination. What would it be like to be able to hold a star? This piece will give you an idea! "Fields of Forever" makes me think of a lush meadow with a light breeze gently moving through the grasses and wildflowers, creating something of a nature ballet - hypnotic and very graceful. The fourth track on the EP is "This Is What Love Is," a piece that Chopin might have composed if he were alive today. Both classical and contemporary, passion and deep emotion flow from every note as the music transports you to a place of peace and comfort. Thank you, Chad Lawson!

irreplaceable is available on Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes as well as on all of the streaming platforms. I give irreplaceable my highest recommendation!
May 4, 2022
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