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Album Review: One Day You Finally Knew (single)
Chad Lawson
Cover image of the album One Day You Finally Knew (single) by Chad Lawson
One Day You Finally Knew (single)
Chad Lawson
2020 / Decca Records
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“One Day You Finally Knew” is the second single from Chad Lawson’s upcoming five-song solo piano EP, Stay. The EP is Chad’s debut on the Decca label and will be released on May 1, 2020. Trained in both classical music and jazz, Chad has independently released a fascinating collection of albums that range from his own beautiful compositions to his arrangements of classics by Chopin and Bach. I have seen him play live a couple of times, and it’s always a magical experience to hear his velvety piano touch combined with his deeply emotional compositions. On “One Day You Finally Knew,” that velvety touch is very much present in the wistful, dreamy melody that soothes away the cares and worries of our present time for a welcome, if brief, respite. The single is available from Amazon, iTunes and some of the streaming sites. Very highly recommended!
April 22, 2020
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