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Album Review: One Drop Became an Ocean
Charles Denler
Cover image of the album One Drop Became an Ocean by Charles Denler
One Drop Became an Ocean
Charles Denler
2017 / Funky Monkey Music
36 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
One Drop Became An Ocean expresses the grace, peace and timelessness of any large body of water, where change is constant and yet it remains unchanged and eternal (we hope!). Subtitled “A Water Suite for Piano and Chamber Orchestra,” the music is also symbolic of how one drop of hope can grow and expand. Charles Denler and his piano along with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra have created a sparkling masterpiece that is not to be missed! Denler is a prolific composer who has more television and film credits and music awards than I have room to list. Like his previous award-winning release, Moment At Dawn (2016), this album combines classical symphonic and new age stylings into a sound that is elegant and substantial, but also peaceful and soothing. Large bodies of water can provide the most tranquil of settings, but they can also turn raging and deadly. I know that I am not alone in that I feel the most centered walking along the beach, watching the ebb and flow of the waves. While there is turbulence in a few of the fourteen tracks, the overall mood of the music is beautiful, serene and magnificent.

One Drop Became An Ocean begins with “A Fair Wind Home,” a piece for piano, strings, and chorus. Light and breezy, it’s a warm introductory prelude. “Dreaming Oceans” is a freely-flowing piano solo that is both calming and peaceful. The title track begins with just the piano expressing the slow, steady rhythm of droplets of water. Strings enter for a passage, and then just the piano, keeping an even rhythm. At the peak, there is full instrumentation and then a return to the steady but constant piano - gorgeous! The visual and cinematic “In the Shadow of Angels” goes from dramatic full orchestration to quiet and ethereal piano and strings. Poignant, haunting and definitely a favorite! “Whispering Sea” is a powerful piano solo with the emotional impact of Chopin at his most evocative. “Rolling Thunder” is a very “big” piece with full orchestration, choir, and piano. It has its quiet moments, but this is the darkest and most turbulent of the pieces in the Suite. The sparkling and shimmering “Ice Crystals” is a delicate but chilly piano solo. “Whispering Seas” is an orchestral arrangement of “Whispering Sea,” and while the melody is the same, the impact is quite different. “The Water Garden II” beautifully illustrates the peaceful movement of water in a pond or small lake from small ripples spiraling outward to light dancing on the surface - another very effective and visual piano solo. Light and playful, “Castles in the Sand” delights with strings, piano, and light hand percussion. “The Seventh Wave” pulls out all the stops for a picture-perfect finish with full orchestra, choir, and piano.

One Drop Became An Ocean is breathtaking from the first note to the last and will very likely be one of my Favorite albums of the year. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
April 23, 2017
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