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Album Review: My Journey (single)
Christian Lindquist
Cover image of the album My Journey (single) by Christian Lindquist
My Journey (single)
Christian Lindquist
2020 / CHL Production
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“My Journey” is a gorgeous solo piano single from Swedish pianist/composer Christian Lindquist, an artist I have been following since his 2008 debut album, Solo Piano Diary. Lindquist has released three more albums since then, with another one on the way later this year (2020). Much of Lindquist’s music is improvised and “in the moment,” and this one recently “arrived” when he woke up one morning. Wistful and poignant with a beautiful melody and graceful rhythm, this is the music of dreams. The flowing broken chords on the left hand give the piece a gentle motion that allows the melody to take wing and soar. After listening to this piece, I can’t wait to hear Lindquist’s new album!

“My Journey” is available from Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. Both thumbs up!
May 22, 2020
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