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Album Review: Solo Piano Solace
Christine Brown
Cover image of the album Solo Piano Solace by Christine Brown
Solo Piano Solace
Christine Brown
2020 / Key Image Music
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Solace is the second of two new solo piano releases from Christine Brown in 2020. The first album, Lullabies & Daydreams, is a combination of original lullabies as well as cover songs and medleys of children’s songs and classical music arranged to soothe and relax kids of any age. Solo Piano Solace is a collection of eleven original piano solos intended to comfort and to create a peaceful, relaxing ambiance. Her sixteenth album, Christine’s elegant, sensitive playing and composing styles are always a welcome treat for the soul as well as the ears, and offer so much of what our troubled world needs right now.

Solo Piano Solace begins with “Exhale,” a gentle reminder to “breathe.” Delicate with a subtle sparkle, it’s a lovely first track. “Solace” provides a warm and comforting balm for the soul, softly stroking the spirit with tender piano notes that relax and soothe. “Heartstrings” overflows with love and reassurance and makes me think of a beautiful butterfly fluttering (like heartstrings!) from flower to flower. “Midnight Blue” goes a bit darker, but not in a scary or negative way - more like thoughts that run through your mind as you approach sleep. Peaceful yet passionate, it’s a favorite. The minor key “Vanish” is also on the darker side, but this time it’s more mysterious with a feeling of searching for something (or someone). “Soul Streams” has a smooth, graceful flow running throughout the piece that is calm yet purposeful. I often think of a “Celtic Spirit” as being very lively and dancelike, and I can hear that possibility in the piece with that title, but for this album, the pace is relaxed and sometimes playful. “Watercolors” beautifully expresses the softened tones of many watercolor paintings and the way the colors often swirl together without definition or edges, effortlessly merging and becoming one. “Caress” is another favorite with its evocative melody and the freedom of the rubato flow. In “Discovery,” Christine captures the feelings of wonder and delight that often come with discovering something special. Solo Piano Solace comes to a peaceful close with “Renewal,” a piece that reflects on a fresh start upon emerging on the other side of a difficult time. I know many, if not most, of us are really looking forward to that!

Solo Piano Solace is the perfect antidote (at least temporarily) for the challenges that are 2020. May it find the ears and hearts of those who need it most! The album is available from ChristineBrownPiano.com, Amazon, and iTunes as well as streaming sites such as Spotify. A companion sheet music book is also available from Christine’s website.
September 8, 2020
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