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Album Review: Daydreams
Christopher Smith
Cover image of the album Daydreams by Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
2003 / Paradise Productions
47 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Daydreams is Christopher Smith’s debut CD, and is a beautiful collection of original piano solos. Classically trained from a very early age, Smith’s style is soulful, elegant, and deeply passionate. As the title suggests, the pieces are reflective and sweet without being overly sentimental. Each of the thirteen pieces is a gem that invites careful listening, and the album as a whole has a lovely flow that allows it to be effective in the background as well. My favorite piece is “Indian Summer,” which is a bit darker than the other tracks and carries an incredible depth of emotion - one of those pieces that makes my fingers itch to play! The piece has a pensive, soul-searching feel that obviously comes from a deep and very personal place within - gorgeous! “Dance of the Sea” is also especially effective, and captures the experience of light “dancing” on the waves as well as the swirl of the water as it rushes onto the shoreline and is pulled back out by the tide. “Sunset” is full of a gentle warmth and peace that almost glows - another beauty! “The Peace of My Son” is a tender love song from an adoring daddy watching his baby sleep the sleep of innocence. “Calm Waters” and “Blooming Spring” both have a shimmering yet tranquil quality with a beautiful flow. Great stuff!

Daydreams is an excellent and very promising debut from Christopher Smith. It is available from christopheratthepiano.com. Recommended!
January 6, 2004
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