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Album Review: Recollections
Craig Burdette
Cover image of the album Recollections by Craig Burdette
Craig Burdette
2009 / Craig Burdette
45 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Recollections is the recording debut of Craig Burdette and contains twelve original piano solos composed over a period of about ten years. While there are a variety of styles on the CD, the music is more gentle, optimistic, and very well prepared. Burdette has painted musical portraits of some of the people and events in his life, using a palette of warm and soft colors. This music is ideal for relaxation, to play when quiet activities performed, or to enjoy with full attention. With a solid background music, Burdette brings a variety of influences to his music as pop, classical, choral, new age, and presents a fresh voice. It is music that lifts the spirit.

"Chorale" opens the CD with something like a hymn that indicates the importance of choral music and church in the development of Burdette. Master and restricted, this is one of the most classic pieces of the album. "Kevin & Alisha" was composed as a wedding gift for the brother Burdette and overflowing warmth and love. "The Road Less Travelled" is reflective and introspective, with a sense of optimism. "Vermont Serenade" is one of my favorites. Composed in full honeymoon, the atmosphere is calm and happy. "Saturdays With Dad" is a love "thank you" to a father who was always supportive to the music of Burdette and spent many of his Saturdays with his son and with her piano lessons. Warm, elegant and affectionate, is a very moving tribute. "Badlands" is a composition inspired almost seven minutes while driving across the country in the 90. A little more environmental and less melodic than most of the other pieces, a mood of great openness and loneliness is created. "Ron's Song" is a beautiful song for a new love - the warmth and joy can be felt in every note. With "Renaissance" Burdette returns to classical roots, and lifelong passion for this period of history. Mix the sixteenth century style with contemporary musical styles, Burdette has created a very effective work. The song that gives title to the album is a bit darker and more thoughtful - another of the favorites. "Meant To Be" is a beautiful love song that is both elegant and evocative time. "Peace Is Always Beautiful" it was inspired by a poem by Walt Whitman and closes the CD with mild optimism.

Recollections is a very effective first album, and I hope it is just the beginning for Craig Burdette! It is available in www.craigburdette.com and CDBaby.com. Recommended!
February 26, 2009
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