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Album Review: Bittersweet (single)
Cover image of the album Bittersweet (single) by CrusaderBeach
Bittersweet (single)
2020 / Adrian Webster
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
UK-based pianist/composer CrusaderBeach (Adrian Webster) is not a new artist in the solo piano world, but I only recently discovered his music - and what a happy discovery it is! CrusaderBeach has released four solo piano albums so far, with a new one on the way later this year. A self-taught pianist and composer, Adrian had an upright piano in his bedroom when he was growing up and considered it to be a favorite toy as he taught himself which notes sound good together and started composing his own melodies. With more than 11 million YouTube views, one million Spotify streams, 14k sheet music sales and a #1 best-seller on Amazon’s Digital Easy-Listening chart, it’s obvious that word is getting out about CrusaderBeach.

I was curious about where the name CrusaderBeach came from and learned that Adrian grew up near the sea in Blackpool and would often enjoy a stretch of shoreline called Crusader Bank, which was named for a ship called Crusader that was wrecked on the sandbank during storms of 1839. From the artist: “For me, this serene location was a great place for creative inspiration. So when I was choosing a name for my music profile, CrusaderBeach immediately came to mind. When you listen to my piano music, I hope it takes you to a place that’s personal to you. So sit back, relax and enjoy your time at CrusaderBeach.” So now we know!

The single, “Bittersweet,” is a gently expressive waltz. Classical in styling, but contemporary in spirit, it is no wonder that CrusaderBeach’s music is often compared to music by Ludovico Einaudi and Yiruma. As the title suggests, the melody is poignant, somewhat melancholy and full of longing. It’s a gorgeous piece and a wonderful introduction to CrusaderBeach. The single is available from Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify as well as many of the other streaming sites. You won’t be disappointed!
July 1, 2020
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