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Album Review: Dan Rochester
Dan Rochester
Cover image of the album Dan Rochester by Dan Rochester
Dan Rochester
Dan Rochester
2017 / Dan Rochester
19 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dan Rochester is the debut EP by British guitarist Dan Rochester. The four original tracks are finger-style acoustic guitar and are gorgeous! This is Rochester’s first venture into acoustic music after playing guitar and bass professionally with various heavy metal bands for the past nine years. His eclectic taste in music serves him well and ranges from classical to rap with a little bit of everything else in between! Other influences on his music include dreams, nature, pictures and “just playing guitar.” It is apparent from the first few seconds of the EP that Rochester is an exceptional musician who plays with a lot of heart as well as a beautiful technique. Solo acoustic guitar can be so intimate and expressive, and this is one of the best I’ve heard recently.

The album begins with “Luminous Waters,” a title that evokes images of moonlight dancing peacefully on a calm ocean. The music matches those images with a gentle but colorful touch on the guitar strings and a simple but very expressive melody that soothes. “This Unbearable Weight” is a little more somber, but is more reflective and introspective than dark. Breathtaking! “Under a Glistening Moon” is also very tranquil and just a tad mysterious. Open and spare, Rochester expresses so much and knows very well when “less is more.” Some passages sound like a duet for two guitars - amazing! The fourth track is “A Graveyard of Stars,” which sounds kind of grim, but the music isn’t! This one feels like it has more of a folk influence, telling a story without needing any words and creating a pastoral setting that is warm and homey.

I’m really excited about Dan Rochester and his new acoustic direction! If you love solo acoustic guitar, this EP is a MUST! It is available from Amazon and iTunes as well as several streaming services. Very highly recommended!
November 15, 2017
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