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Album Review: Melodies of Spring
Danny Vye
Cover image of the album Melodies of Spring by Danny Vye
Melodies of Spring
Danny Vye
2022 / Danny Vye
29 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Melodies of Spring is the second album from Danny Vye, a British-Vietnamese solo piano composer and pop songwriter. Born in Vietnam, Danny moved to the UK in 2001 and is a programmer by trade. Danny has been playing music since childhood and studied songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. The eight piano solos on Melodies of Spring were performed and produced by Italian pianist/producer Leo Music Design. The music has a light and optimistic feel - much like the coming of spring as flowers start blooming and the weather warms. It is also soothing and comforting - a great album to relax with that also could serve as warm and inviting background music. Six of the eight tracks have also been released as singles.

Melodies of Spring begins with "The Dance of Dawn," a beautiful piece that starts out slowly and quietly - almost dream-like - and gradually increases in vibrance as the sun rises and the day begins. "The Sound of Spring" is hope and rebirth set to music. I can easily see time lapse videos of flowers poking up through the soil and opening their blossoms to the sound of this lovely piece. Never rushed and always graceful, it's a favorite! The bittersweet "Nostalgia" looks back and reflects, sometimes wistfully and sometimes with passionate emotion. "Reminiscence" was composed in a theme and variations form and beautifully expresses a variety of different kinds of memories by altering the basic theme of the piece. Sometimes those memories are sweet and comforting and sometimes they are turbulent and dark, with a wide range in between. "Whisper of the Wind" begins as a gentle breeze, builds momentum and then settles back to a breeze and drifts away. Another very visual piece is "Rhythm of the Rain." I can see the fat raindrops of a spring shower dancing on a puddle or on the surface of a lake - carefree and refreshing. I really like this one, too! "True Love's Kiss" would be the perfect music for a poignant movie, tugging at the heartstrings and eliciting sighs. Ahhhh. The album closes with the very sweet and gentle "Lullaby." Warmth and reassurances that all will be well soothe the soul and let cares slip away. What a beautiful album!

Melodies of Spring is a wonderful introduction to the music of Danny Vye, an artist I hope to hear a lot more music from! Available to download and/or stream, you can find his music on Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and sites like Spotify. Recommended!
March 7, 2022