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Album Review: About Time
Dave Kydd
Cover image of the album About Time by Dave Kydd
About Time
Dave Kydd
2010 / Dave Kydd
37 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
About Time is a collection of nine original piano solos and one original arrangement composed and performed by Dave Kydd, a music therapist and psychologist who was born in Scotland and has earned degrees in piano and music therapy as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Kydd was playing the violin at two years old and took up piano and then guitar in his teens. Given his background, it is no surprise that Kydd’s music is gentle and thoughtful, expressing everyday experiences and emotions in a very accessible style that can speak to anyone willing to listen with an open heart.

About Time begins with “Argyle,” a warm and inviting piece that unfolds at a leisurely pace and sets the mood for the album. “Caves” is somewhat more free-form although it has a strong melody and fluid tempo. Parts of this piece are sparkling and magical and others are a little darker and more mysterious. I really like “A Warm Wind” and its gently swirling energy. Very open, spare, and free, the title is perfect for this piece. The sweet innocence of “Red Dress” suggests that the music was inspired by a little girl and her favorite frock. Tender and affectionate, I really like this one, too! “One Such As Thee” has the elegant courtliness of the time of lords and ladies and of worshiping from afar. “Little Boys’ Burdens” turns a sympathetic ear to what a child might express as a worry is his life, listening without judging and gently offering advice from experience as well as from the heart. The closing track is Kydd’s arrangement of “Amazing Grace.” There are so many versions of this piece out there, but this one is truly different. The melody is played slowly and simply with the right hand while the left hand responds with occasional notes in the deep bass of the piano. After this dark first verse, the mood lightens a bit as the left hand plays repeating notes and the time signature shifts. The third verse returns to the style of the first - simple, very dark, and mournful. It’s a unique and effective interpretation of this classic.

Dave Kydd’s return to his music career is very promising! About Time is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Check it out!
October 29, 2010
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