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Album Review: End of One Thing (single)
David Baron and myndstream Fall Flight
Cover image of the album End of One Thing (single) by David Baron and myndstream Fall Flight
End of One Thing (single)
David Baron and myndstream Fall Flight
2021 / myndstream
5 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
David Baron's "End of One Thing" is the second track in the myndstream Fall Flight collection of six pieces by six different artists. Baron is a record producer, film composer, musician, arranger and engineer as well as an avid collector of vintage analog synthesizers and recording gear. He performs his track on a vintage ARP 2500 synth with layers of sound that are both ambient and somewhat otherworldly. (Just for reference, it reminds me of the music from The X-Files and some of Wendy Carlos' early work.) The various sonic textures are in constant motion - some quite lively, and others smoother and slower. It's a fascinating piece!

"End of One Thing" and the other five tracks from the myndstream Fall Flight are available from myndstream.com, Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify. It's a great way to discover artists you might not be familiar with!
November 18, 2021
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