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Album Review: Faeries
David Hicken
Cover image of the album Faeries by David Hicken
David Hicken
2008 / Enchanting Music
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Faeries is the third installment in David Hicken’s debut trilogy of original piano solos. Preceded by the highly-acclaimed “Goddess” and “Angels,” both of which appeared on my Favorite CDs for 2007 list, I can guarantee that Faeries will be on my Favorites list for 2008 (and it’s only February!). A bit more complex and classical than the first two volumes, the music on Faeries is flowing, melodic, and both calming and deeply emotional. (I proofed and edited the sheet music for Faeries and can say from personal experience that this music is also very richly rewarding and a lot of fun to play!) Hicken calls his label “Enchanting Music” for very good reasons and is passionate about creating beautiful music that will enrich his listeners’ lives. I love his music and hope he continues to be as prolific as he has been this past year.

Faeries begins with “Faylinn,” which tells the story of a tiny being from the English Fairy Kingdom. The rolling broken chords on the left hand are an exquisite accompaniment to the simple, heartfelt melody on the right. “Rhoslyn” is a Welsh fairy, and her music reminds me a bit of Saint-Saens’ “The Swan,” with the complex, rapidly moving left hand and very quiet, simple, and elegant melody on the right. “Oberon” is the Shakespearean King of the Faeries. A sprightly and energetic waltz, this piece is a total charmer! I can picture tiny fairies (and little girls) practicing their ballet steps to this piece. “Ellette” is another favorite. Darkly mysterious and haunting, it makes me want to know the story behind this piece. “Donella” is named for a Celtic “Dark-Haired Elfin Girl.” Melancholy and compellingly beautiful, this piece has a gorgeous flow and a melody that lingers. “Arethusa” is a German nymph whose gentle song is graceful and full of longing. “Lorelle” is one of the liveliest pieces on the CD. Joyful and dancing like light sparkling on water, this piece really moves! “Nerida” has the quiet grace of a flower in a spring breeze. “Shaylee” is a Celtic/Gaelic Fairy Princess of the Field, and her piece has the rippling feeling of a breeze flowing through long meadow grass or wildflowers.

Reviewing David Hicken’s CDs always leaves me a little breathless - not because the music is terribly difficult to play, but because Hicken is able to convey so many colors and so many feelings with simple melodies and uncomplicated themes. Hicken is a true artist, and I’m thrilled to be able to spread the word about his music! Faeries is available from davidhicken.com and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
February 19, 2008
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